Incodema's Diverse Finishing Options

Incodema3D has a highly skilled finishing team that knows the importance of a good finish, which is why we have an established finishing department. Many manufacturers have little to no finishing capabilities causing delays, added cost, and poor finishes. Our experienced and meticulous team of finisher’s will take your parts and exceed your expectations with their finishing abilities. We offer the following finishing options:

1. Strip and Ship

Unfinished mean parts remain untreated after being produced by a rapid prototyping machine; only the removal of supports and excess material. 

2. Basic Prototype Finish 

A basic finish is ideal for general purpose models; used when time is the most important. Support structures are removed, hand sanded to 220 – 320 grit and a light sand blasting is used for the removal of residual material to provide a uniform look of the entire part. 

3. Functional Prototype Finish 

When fit and functionality are important, a functional finish is used. Both interior and exterior surfaces are hand sanded and a heavy sand blasting is applied; stair steps and build lines are removed, providing an enhanced surface finish for your part.

4. Painted Prototype Finish 

A painted finish is used for high quality aesthetic models such as presentation, industrial design, and trade show models. Your part is completely hand sanded to 440 grit with complete removal of exterior build lines and painted to have the appearance of the production part.

5. Pattern Prototype Finish 

A pattern finish is used when appearance is critical or for tool ready models or show pieces. Additional time is spent hand sanding all surfaces, decreasing any build lines.

6. Primed Prototype Finish

A primed finish is used for paint ready parts. From the pattern finish, this includes hand sanding to 320 grit, complete removal of any missed blemishes and coated with primer, creating a smooth surface for paint application.

7. Water Clear Prototype Finish

With water clear, support structures are removed, hand sanded to 420 grit and exterior and interior build lines are removed. Parts are applied with a clear acrylic to produce parts with a translucent appearance.

8. Additional Prototype Finishes

Color Matching 

For parts that require concise color schemes, color matching is available upon request.

Dyed Parts 

Dying is available for colored semi-translucent parts such as brake lights.


Combination of pattern and functional finishes are available for parts requiring multiple types of finish levels. This is ideal for parts that require an excellent exterior finish while interior surfaces are less critical, available upon request.

Don’t see the finish you need here? Give us a call. We will work with you to provide you with what you need.