A Highly Precise 3D Printing Process

Polyjet Matrix is an additive layer technology that utilizes a high precision 3D printing process.

Polyjet is a 3D printing process enabling the parts with different material mechanical and physical properties to be built in one process. The Polyjet printer jets liquid photopolymer onto a build tray that is then cured by a UV light. Layers are built one at a time to create your prototype. Once the models are fully cured, they can be handled and used immediately without post curing. With layers as thin as 16 microns (.0006"), Polyjet allows for tremendous precision, making it an exceptional option for applications where accuracy, detail, and surface finish are important.

The Polyjet technology is able to support overhangs and complicated geometries. In addition to the model materials, there is a gel-like material used to support any overhangs your part should have as well as complicated geometries. 

Polyjet is a great alternative to SLA and SLS because similar materials are used, but with greater accuracy.