The Polyjet Technology

Polyjet enables the build of parts with different materials and mechanical and physical properties all in one build process. Polyjet can quickly and economically produce prototypes that emulate the look, feel, and function of the final product, making it ideal for various types of applications.

The Polyjet process is suited for applications where high accuracy in detail and surface are important. The largest is 19.7” x 15.7” x 7.9” (500mm x 400mm x 200).

Ideal Applications for the Polyjet

Parts with complex interior features, electronic components and connectors, electronic packaging, presentation models, knobs, medical devices, and urethane castings. Low temperature applications may be created with the Polyjet process. 

  • Limited number of prototypes needed
  • Varying material components
  • Form and Fit Testing 
  • Plastic part rapid tooling patterns
  • Focus group and Presentation models